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During the last decade, Port Cities helped hundreds of businesses save their time, resources & make their business more efficient. Check the stories of our satisfied clients!

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  • Tjahaja Baru

    If you are a fan of Yamaha motorbikes, you’ve probably heard about Tjahaja Baru. They are the main Yamaha dealer distributing Yamaha motorcycles and accessories like apparel, helmets, Yamalube across Indonesia.

    In order to help the company with their purchasing, inventory, sales, invoicing & accounting, Port Cities supported Tjahaja Baru un implementing Odoo as their ERP solution

  • Tull Color

    Tull Color is a Spanish company specialized in Graphic Arts and lettering, offering a high level of personalisation and visual quality.

    To complete and modernize their offer, Tull Color chose Port Cities to develop further the Website application of Odoo to adapt it to their needs.

  • Uncle Bills

    Uncle Bills in Vietnam focuses on 3 main business activities:

    • Import of consumer goods from China.

    • Wholesale & retail of these imported goods in own stores, as well as in local supermarkets.

    • E-commerce on their own website & through platforms like Lazada.

    Product portfolio of Uncle Bills contains a lot of surprisingly useful products - be it kitchenware, baking supplies, seasonal decorations, accessories or toys.

    Uncle Bills uses Odoo since 2019 for managing their warehouse, sales, invoicing & operations in their stores.

  • United Super Market Holdings Inc.

    Entering the supermarket business industry in Japan in 2015, United Super Markets Holdings, Inc. is well-known for their retailing chains, supermarkets in the Japanese market. They also manufacture, import, and export the goods, as well as other related services.

    The group is growing with 519 community-based stores across Japan with a vision to provide new value and satisfy customers beyond expectations.

    U.S.M Holdings Group is using Odoo Approvals for the purpose of easily managing your employees' requests, which lets everything in one dashboard and saves their time in internal operations activities.

  • Victor Buck Services

    Victor Buck Services is a service provider specialised in business process outsourcing with focus in three areas namely, customer communication servcies, content services, and document outsourcing services.

    Victor Buck Services serves the financial industry, large utility companies, and the public sector with clients in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

    Port Cities aided Victor Buck Services's sales & operations processes with the implementation of Odoo apps such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, and Studio.

  • Vietrose

    Vietrose is a bespoke seafood product provider for FMCG brand owners all over the world, with offices in Vietnam and Singapore. They design and manufacture a variety of ready-to-eat meals, as well as customize the products to meet the needs of the business's market.

    VietRose plans to streamline their supply chain processes and chooses Port Cities as their implementation partner.  The Odoo suite including Sales, Purchase, Inventory are implemented. Additionally, to enhance their operation workflows, the Odoo Accounting and Documents are also set up.

  • VJS Viet Nam Company Limited

    VJS Viet Nam has been an official reseller for Sony and Fujifilm camera products in Vietnam since 2016. In 2019, they expanded their market with two new product categories: tech products, such as speakers, headphones, etc., and fashion watches.

    VJS Viet Nam has 13 stores and showrooms spreading across four cities and provinces in Vietnam. They offer products and services with the goal of becoming a trusted destination for all customers who are interested in technology and watches.

    To achieve their vision, VJS Viet Nam decides to apply Odoo software to better their performance and productivity. They use Odoo modules for their procurement processes including Inventory, Invoicing, Sales, Purchase, and Accounting. Moreover, VJS Viet Nam also uses Odoo CRM to manage customer databases, and Odoo Leaves/Time Off module to manage their internal team.

  • Webreria

    Webreria, a company dedicated to providing digital solutions in the business and educational environment. Webreria Smart Internet Services provides an enormous range of service. They help companies have a friendly and competitive technological base with editorial flow implementation services, as well as robust hosting systems, learning management systems, cloud services and mission critical structure tools.

    Thanks to the excellent service they provide, the company is growing at an accelerated rate, so it has decided to implement an ERP system to better manage all its departments. Port Cities implemented a solution that runs on Odoo Version 13 Enterprise to help them optimize all their control processes in the areas of Purchasing, Inventory, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting and CRM.

  • Weezy

    Established with the belief that customers could spend less time shopping and more time living, Weezy is the first on-demand online supermarket platform in the UK. Their grocery products are locally sourced and sustainably delivered in an instant.

    Since 2020, Weezy has been using the Odoo system to streamline its supply chain processes, including Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Invoicing. Moreover, to enhance their HR management, the company uses Odoo Planning to modify assignments or shifts for employees. The hosting and Odoo Studio were also implemented by Port Cities to help Weezy monitor their database and create and customize their apps in minutes.

  • Window to The Past

    Window to the Past (WTP) is a Singapore-based company established in 1992. Their mission is to provide quality, detailed craftsmanship to the households of Singaporean families, as well as to the business buildings.

    WTP manufactures furniture to sell & to rent (both short term & long term) to their clients. One of their services is also renovating older pieces of furniture and giving them a new color, cover or refreshing them with new paint.

    WTP uses Odoo 13 Enterprise to handle its Sales, Furniture Leasing & Contracts, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing & Accounting. They decided to switch from multiple IT systems into one, integrated ERP to automate more & spend less.

  • Wira Agung

    Wira Agung is a furniture distrubutor that specializes in office equipment. In addition to chairs, desks, safes, they sell machines such as photo-copier, projectors, fingerprints, CCTV and others. Wira Agung also sells household furniture and equipment for commercial purposes such as hotels, cafés and schools. Their customers can have a look at more than 2000 products in their showroom in Padang, West Sumatra.

    In cooperation with Port Cities, Wira Agung implemented an ERP solution that streamlines their processes ranging from Inventory, CRM, Purchase, Sales to Accounting and Invoicing.