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  • Cekindo

    Cekindo Business International is a business consulting firm operating in Indonesia & Vietnam which strives to provide one stop solution for the companies entering these 2 markets. Having been in the industry for almost 10 years Cekindo as a part of InCorp Group is the trusted counselor, advisor and business partner to many business leaders and organizations across all industries, including known companies such as Booking.com, Traveloka, Adidas, Xiaomi, Huawei and a dozens of others.

    Main services of Cekindo are:

    • Business Set-Up

    • Business Process Outsourcing (accounting, tax, payroll)

    • Immigration Services (Visa, Work Permits, Residence Cards, KITAS, …)

    • Product Registration & Import Compliance

    • Secretarial Services

    • Virtual & Serviced office

    For more information, please visit their website: cekindo.com

  • IT Block

    IT Block is an MSP that provides IT support for business infrastructures in Singapore. They offer a unique customer-centric model. Focusing on creating a close-knit relationship with their clients, with trust and integrity.

    They can assist the clients of Port Cities with:

    • Corporate IT Training

    • Cybersecurity Services

    • Disaster Recovery & Data Destruction

    • Hardware Procurement

    • Office IT Setup

    • Search Engine Optimization

    • Server Maintenance

  • Smartly Kapital

    Smartly Kapital is a consulting company which helps businesses of various size to navigate through the waters of financial services. Their main focus is on 2 services:

    • Advisory & assistance with business loans

    • Accounting outsourcing

  • World Connect International Business Center

    World Connect International Business Center offers market-entry services for Mexican & Latin American companies to help them expand to other markets.


    • Business Internationalization

    • Alliances Personal or group memberships in their intelligent work spaces in 120 countries

    • Networking and specialized events

    • Legal representation of the company

    • Other consultancy

    • Development of AI and Blockchain