CARGAMOS & Portcities: a Successful Collaboration

Discover the key factors that aid ERP implementation for a growing company.
Cargamos x Portcities

Name of the Company: CARGAMOS

Location: Mexico City

Industry: Logistic

Company Size: Small

Time of Implementation: 3 months

CARGAMOS, a startup created by Iván Ariza, Fabián Antorveza and Éverton Viana, who, due to their rapid growth, needed a solution that could keep up with them, decided on Odoo.

It is then that, with the aim of improving and optimizing their operational flows, they began a search for an international Odoo partner who had experience and could understand their needs. That was how they came to Portcities.

A New ERP in Three Months

For Portcities, some of the challenges that had to be overcome within this project were the need to be agile in delivering functionality and value in the face of the changing needs that a growing Startup requires.

Then, as the first step in a friendly methodology that in the words of CARGAMOS team, is "unique and effective", time and resource planning began, followed by analysis, configuration and development that marked good performance in project management -  and of course post-implementation support.

But this story was successful thanks to a joint effort:

ONE. CARGAMOS was always aware not only of the project's progress, but also of those risks that, with effective communication, could be anticipated and mitigated.

TWO. With the help of Portcities in data import and several on-site meetings to map the AS-IS process and design the TO-BE process, CARGAMOS was confident that a quality project would be delivered.

THREE. Thanks to a good synergy between both teams, the great collaboration allowed CARGAMOS to obtain functionality from its new Odoo system in just three months.

Portcities makes it easier

No project is easy... 

Unless you do it with the right provider.

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What Happens Next? A Story of Growth and Learning

The planning and execution of each step within this collaboration represented a way of learning, improving and continuing to prioritize the delivery of quality to our clients in the established times.

Everton Viana - Cargamos

"Portcities and CARGAMOS made a good team throughout the project. They are an experienced team who know what they are doing, and above all, they deliver quality and good results."

Éverton Viana  COO and Co-founder of CARGAMOS

At Portcities, it was of utmost importance to maintain uninterrupted and swift response times for the CARGAMOS service, and we take pride in our contribution to the growth of such an innovative company.

If your company is in the same position and you don't know where to start, contact us so that we can support you and build a path to success.

25 July, 2023
CARGAMOS & Portcities: a Successful Collaboration
Tamara Vargas
Sales & Marketing Specialist
Tamara is Business Development Executive at Port Cities Americas who strives to learn about all aspects of building sustainable relationships with B2B clients. Her approach combines sustainability principles with the creative and innovative marketing and business strategies.
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