​Third-Party Odoo Integrations

Odoo integrations increase the company's overall productivity due to managing the entire business with only one business software. 

With thousands of available Odoo modules, your Odoo can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business within the ERP software itself.

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Do I Need to Integrate Odoo with Other Apps?


   Specialized & local software

Connect Odoo to 3rd party software to comply with certain industry-related requirements and the market where you operate.

   Add-ons to your current ERP

Upgrade your ERP system to cover the full scope of your business. Plug in Odoo extensions and get a customizable, flexible tool with value-added functionality. 

   Centralized communication channels

Communicate with your customers and store data in a centralized system integrated with popular communication apps. Integration with communication tools facilitates smooth transactions and helps you maintain relationships with clients. 


   Localized modules

Localize Odoo to comply with your country's regulations, currency, and language. With Odoo localized modules, no need for third-party integration.

   Process automation

Automate your operation with customized Odoo features specially developed to fit your needs. Talk to our consultants and receive a tailored solution.

   Extend basic functionalities

Expand your Odoo ERP with Odoo modules covering specific processes such as CRM, finance, accounting, warehouse, HR, and many others. Simply purchase extra modules.

​On-Demand Integrations

Extend the capabilities of your system and grow your business with custom-made Odoo integrations. We help you customize Odoo solutions that fully meet all your unique business needs.

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Integrate Odoo into your software to handle large-volume requests. Thanks to Odoo's high-performance API, Odoo can be used as a centralized system between multiple apps and thousands of end-users.


Connect your Odoo ERP with software specific to your industry or country. With a customized solution, your Odoo will be designed specifically to address your needs and free up the time of your staff.


Build an on-demand solution for your business. Contact us and let us know which third-party apps you would like to integrate with Odoo. We make sure to design a seamless user experience for you and your team. 

Set up your Odoo integration with a leading Odoo partner.

Improve efficiency by connecting and having all your applications in one platform.

Ready-Made Odoo Integrations

Choose from a large number of pre-developed Odoo connectors and integrate your Odoo ERP system with the following third-party applications.

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​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As an open-source & modular system, your Odoo can be extended internally by implementing additional modules or externally by integrating third-party software, e.g., payment gateways, CRM applications such as Zoho, accounting systems such as QuickBooks, and many more.

Odoo can be integrated with most software as long as as the 3rd party application has the ability to be integrated. Odoo is an API-friendly ERP system and can integrate with many third-party applications to help you manage the full spectrum of your business.

If you don’t find the software you would like to integrate with Odoo on the list of our ready-made solutions, contact us and discuss possibility of customized integrations.

Odoo integration can be done in several ways (flat-file vs. API, one-way vs. two-way).

Both flat-file and API integration transfers data between applications, but while flat file integration requires the correct file format, API integration shares information between applications in real-time. They are generally used as complementary solutions as Odoo is compatible with both types.

One-way or two-way integrations describe the direction of shared data between Odoo and the third-party application. In the case of one-way integrations, the data is sent only in one direction without any response from the other software, while two-way integration communicates and transfers data both ways.

Thanks to Odoo API integration, your ERP system will be able to share data and information with the external application that you're looking to integrate, including synchronization and automation. Every API integration is carefully designed and customized to meet your business needs, and the API endpoints can be updated to grow alongside your company.

API integrations are also suitable for large corporations that rely their operation on fast data transfer and immediate synchronization. Take an example of high-performance API integration that Portcities developed for Gojek and its GoSend service. We designed a system using API that is able to handle thousands of orders that are further processed as up to 1,000,000 individual transactions per day (invoicing, payment, accounting records) while managing 30,000+ deliveries simultaneously.

The timeline of every Odoo integration is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. It is often about carefully designing what needs to be sent and received during the project, as well as synchronizing field mapping and customization. In general, the process is faster when integrating a ready-made connector than an on-demand solution, depending on the availability & quality of the technical documentation of the third-party software.

Also, two-way integrations require more time for development. You will get to know the scope and timeline of your integration after we perform a technical analysis of the requirements. 

Odoo third-party integrations are customized solutions connecting the current version of Odoo with external applications. If one application is updated, it’s possible that the API endpoints would need to be adjusted to comply with the updated version. 

Odoo integration is a complex process that also requires changes in your Odoo interface. Not only must Odoo be able to communicate with the new software, but you will also be able to fill in data and operate directly from the Odoo. Our analysts will carefully design the Odoo interface based on your requirements.

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