Tailored Odoo Implementation for SMEs

Tailored Odoo Implementation for SMEs

How To Implement Odoo ERP For SMEs

Our 6-step methodology to unlock Odoo's full potential. Fine-tuned to your business needs.

Capture 3 key benefits of Odoo implementation

Control your operations

Manage all your processes in one integrated system

Simplify your work

Eliminate manual processes and focus on your core business

Grow your business

Help your team to make better decisions everyday

Discover why Odoo is the right ERP for SMEs in any industry

6-step Implementation Methodology for SMEs

We divide the project into 6 milestones to better control the scope, budget, and timeline.

Grow your business with Odoo today!


When you fill in the contact form, our consultant will contact you to discuss how Port Cities can help your business grow.


Our consultant will discuss & analyze your business needs and show you how Odoo works for companies like yours.


Based on the collected information, our consultant will prepare a quotation for your Odoo implementation.​

Why do you need an Odoo Partner?
Your need to be deeply involved in your business software (ERP) installation, but also benefit from what an Odoo partner can offer.

  •  Shorten implementation timeline
  • Save money
  • Better solution

Without an Odoo Partner

Take months to hire or train Odoo experts

  • Learn by doing, and likely to make mistakes
  • Hire technical employees on fixed contract

With an Odoo Partner

Onboard a large project team in weeks

  • Get experience from hundreds of projects
  • Pay higher rates but only for what you need and when​

How to choose the right Odoo Partner for your business?

Odoo Knowledge

Select an Odoo certified and recognized partner. You should look for a partner with relevant references.

Project Management

Choose an Odoo partner with a good project methodology and discipline. They will guarantee to deliver the project on time.

Communication & Experience

A good consulting team that speaks your language. Having strong experience in ERP implementation, ideally in your industry and country, is a plus.

Technical Expertise

You need a responsive and stable partner with technical expertise. They adeptly handle software, databases, and infrastructure, ensuring maintenance and scalability.​

Why Portcities is the Right Partner?

Expertise & good practices from your industry

Our certified Odoo experts have years of ERP experience and business consulting in versions 15, 16, and 17. Hundreds of clients like you have trusted us with the right Odoo solutions.

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Best Odoo Partner in APAC
Odoo ERP Integration

The right customization and integration

We try to see how standard Odoo can fit your needs and if you can adjust your current processes. When needed, we customize and integrate Odoo with your legacy software. This maximizes the return on investment (ROI) of your Odoo implementation

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Training and support

Our Support team at Portcities provides the hypercare with support and troubleshooting services. We ensure complete guidance and the ready-to-use system for your business.

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Port Cities Indonesia

When we decided on a partner to cooperate with, we were looking for someone within the partner’s team who is proficient in accounting and finance processes. Thankfully, Portcities team didn’t lack such expertise. And our team appreciated that Portcities managed to stick to the budget we had agreed upon.

 Andrien Ulens • CEO at Gogoprint

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4 reasons why SMEs choose Odoo

All-in-one Platform

Odoo offers a centralized platform to manage all operations. It is an IT foundation to go digital without the need for multiple systems.

Inventory & MRP

Marketing & Ecommerce

Sales & CRM


Affordable Solution

A modular Odoo ERP enables you to install apps you need and expand further when your business grows. Save costs and simplify operations.

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Easy to Use

Odoo provides real-time analytics and reporting, empowering SMEs to make smarter decisions for your business growth.

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​Flexibility & Localization

A flexible and localized Odoo system aligns with your unique business processes and complies with local regulations.

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Get started your Digital Transformation with Odoo solution!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is the recommended solution for SMEs that have over 20 users. When your business grows and there are additional functionalities needed in your expanding system, off-the-shelf ERP solutions might not address all your needs. Odoo allows customisation fitting your business scope and budget.

Depends on various criteria such as the scope and level of customization, but it will take 3-12 months for the implementation of the core functions and go-live for the system.

Customized Odoo solution is recommended for SMEs with over 20 employees looking for additional functionalities for their specific business processes.

With our Odoo customisation solution, we provide a full-stop service with business analysis, customisation, and hypercare to ensure smooth project delivery and an all-fit Odoo system for your business operations.

Our team will identify areas where Odoo can optimize and automate your business processes while minimizing disruption to day-to-day operations. Also, we will work closely with your team to analyze your business processes, identify inefficiencies, and then design a tailored solution that addresses your needs.

Thanks to the adaptability and flexibility of Odoo, we also ensure that our clients clearly understand the impact of the Odoo implementation on their existing business processes, and we will provide a seamless transition to the new system.

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