Shopify - Odoo Integration

The well-known cloud-based eCommerce platform can be integrated with your Odoo ERP so you manage all key operations of your online store and other related processes of your business such as Accounting & Inventory, all from one system. 

Scheme of Shopify integration with Odoo ERP

Why do you need Odoo - Shopify Integration?

You're already using Shopify

If you are already a Shopify merchant and now decided to implement Odoo as the ERP system for your company, but want to keep using Shopify for your eCommerce.

You're planning to start using Shopify

Odoo is your ERP system and you are thinking of outsourcing to an agency to set up your eCommerce on the Shopify platform.  

Before you think about integrating Odoo with Shopify,
did you know Odoo has its own native e-commerce app?

Features of Odoo Shopify Integration

Product synchronization
Product synchronization

Synchronize Products

The integration allows you to synchronize products and product details between Odoo and Shopify. You can also Import and Export between these 2 platforms.

product added to the card in e-commerce
product added to the card in e-commerce

Manage Orders

Manage all your orders by importing Shopify orders to Odoo and updating order status from Odoo to Shopify in real time.

product returns
product returns

Manage Returns & Refund

Handle all product returns in your Odoo and send a credit note from Odoo to your customers in Shopify.

price tag
price tag

Synchronize Prices

With the Shopify integration, you are able to constantly synchronize and update Product Prices between Shopify and Odoo.

items checklist
items checklist

Manage Stock

Be able to constantly synchronize Inventory data between Shopify and Odoo seamlessly.

multiple stores connected to each other
multiple stores connected to each other

Manage Multiple Stores

With a single Odoo database you are able to handle multiple Shopify stores in less time. 

screens with Odoo, Shopify and other applications
screens with Odoo, Shopify and other applications

Set Automatic Jobs

Don't lose time with manual tasks, set up automatic jobs for vital operations such as pushing orders from Shopify to Odoo and stock levels & updating order status from Odoo to Shopify in real time.

Error log on a computer
Error log on a computer

Track Mismatch Log

Find out what is causing unsuccessful operations in Mismatch Log and fix them easily.



Portcities is an Odoo implementation partner ready to assist you with the configuration of your Shopify integration solution. This contact form helps us understand your needs.


Based on the provided information, our consultants analyze your requirements and organize a demo to show you how Shopify works with Odoo for companies like yours.


After the demo we will implement the Odoo Shopify integration so you can handle your eCommerce operations seamlessly.

Frequently asked questions about Odoo - Shopify integration

Is this integration compatible with Odoo Enterprise as well as Community?

Yes, the app works very well with Odoo Enterprise (On-premise and as well as Odoo Community. Nevertheless Odoo Online (Cloud) does not allow the installation of any third-party apps and that's why this connector cannot be installed on Odoo Online.

What if I need an extra feature in this app?

You can fill the contact form to get in touch with us, we will analyze you requirements and prepare a solution for your need. 

Is there a limit on how many Shopify stores can I connect with a single Odoo database?

In a single Odoo database you can connect as many Shopify stores as you want.

Is two-way synchronization of products possible with the Shopify Odoo integration?

Yes, you can export and import products from Odoo to Shopify and vice versa. If you already have products in both platforms, you can create a synchronization between them through this integration.

How can I change product prices with the integration?

You can set up a pricelist per Shopify instance in Odoo and update the price to Shopify via the pricelist. You also import the prices from Shopify to Odoo, however, the prices will get imported to the pricelist and not directly to the product.

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