Prestashop - Odoo Integration

PrestaShop is an eCommerce website builder with catalog management and cross-selling capabilities. Integrating PrestaShop with Odoo synchronizes all your data such as Inventory level, Product Categories, Customers and Sales Orders in real-time.

Scheme of Magento integration with Odoo ERP

Why do you need Odoo - Prestashop integration?

You're already using Prestathop

If you are already a Prestashop merchant and now you decided to start implementing Odoo as the ERP system for your company, but you want to keep using Prestashop for your eCommerce.

You're planning to start using Prestashop

Odoo is your ERP system and you are thinking of outsourcing to an agency to set up your eCommerce on the Prestashop platform.  

Before you think about integrating Odoo with Prestashop,
did you know Odoo has its own native e-commerce app?

Features of Odoo - Prestashop Integration

Product synchronization
Product synchronization

Manage Products

You can import products & product details in bulk or via the cron scheduler from PrestaShop to Odoo and export products in bulk or selected products from Odoo to Prestashop.

product added to the card in e-commerce
product added to the card in e-commerce

Manage Orders & Customer Data

Import Order Information (details, statuses) and Customer Data in bulk or via a cron scheduler from PrestaShop to Odoo.


Manage Categories

Product Categories can be imported in bulk or via cron scheduler in Odoo, and exported in bulk or selected form from Odoo to Prestashop platform


Synchronize Order Statuses

You can manually fill the corresponding order statuses of Prestashop and Odoo in the Odoo Order Status table.

Real-time Synchronization

This integration allows you to synchronize order statuses (cancel, shipment and invoice), as well as Inventory data between two platforms in real-time.

screens with Odoo, Prestashop and other applications
screens with Odoo, Prestashop and other applications

Enhanced Dynamic Dashboard

You will be able to track your data from Prestashop via a dynamic dashboard with data analysis features in your Odoo. You also can Import/Export channel data directly from this dashboard.



Portcities is an Odoo implementation partner ready to assist you with the configuration of your Prestashop integration solution. This contact form helps us understand your needs.


Based on the provided information, our consultants analyze your requirements and organize a demo to show you how Prestashop works with Odoo for companies like yours.


After the demo, we will implement the Odoo Prestashop integration so you can handle your eCommerce operations seamlessly.

Frequently asked questions about Odoo - Prestashop integration

Yes, the app works very well with Odoo Enterprise (On-premise and as well as Odoo Community. Nevertheless Odoo Online (Cloud) does not allow the installation of any third-party apps and that's why this connector cannot be installed on Odoo Online.

You can fill in the contact form to get in touch with us, we will analyze your requirements and prepare a solution that fits your need.

In a single Odoo database you can connect as many Prestashop stores as you want.

Yes, you can export and import products from Odoo to Prestashop and vice versa. If you already have products in both platforms, you can create a synchronization between them through this integration.

You can set up a pricelist per Prestashop instance in Odoo and update the price to Prestashop via the pricelist. You also import the prices from Prestashop to Odoo, however, the prices will get imported to the pricelist and not directly to the product.

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