Take CRM to A New Level with Odoo - HubSpot Integration

Odoo-HubSpot integration lets you enjoy the best of both worlds – robust inbound marketing and sales software integrated with a leading ERP. Now you can wave limitations goodbye and better serve your customers with real-time data synchronization. 

Scheme of Shopify integration with Odoo ERP

Why Should You Integrate Odoo with HubSpot?

If you don’t use HubSpot

If you’re using Odoo and wants to enjoy HubSpot’s advanced CRM, marketing and sales features so you can craft deeper customer relationships at scale.

If you use HubSpot already

In addition to HubSpot’s superb CRM features that you’re already using, Odoo’s essential apps like Inventory and Expenses with seamless data integration increase your business productivity level.

Before you think about integrating Odoo with Hubspot,
did you know Odoo has its own native CRM app?

Features of Odoo - Hubspot Integration

Product synchronization
Product synchronization

Sales and marketing

Focus less on repetitive administrative tasks with sales and marketing automation that streamline the process of lead taking, nurturing, and moving them to a sales-qualified opportunity.

product added to the card in e-commerce
product added to the card in e-commerce

Lead analytics dashboard

Build dynamic dashboards, reports, and analytics and manage all lead records from one centralized database. Track and score leads, view communication history and export in different formats.

product returns
product returns

Sync Odoo and HubSpot in the background

When records are created or updated in either app, that information will be automatically shared with the other one.

price tag
price tag

Contact management

Synchronize contacts, mass export companies, leads and opportunities. That way, you can easily improve sales and service levels by leveraging a more complete range of data.

items checklist
items checklist

Gmail and Outlook integration

Easy to synchronize emails of contacts, create segmented lists, and send automated emails with the Gmail and Outlook integrations. Book more meetings in less time with shareable meeting links without the need for back and forth.

multiple stores connected to each other
multiple stores connected to each other

100% data control

The integration allows both one- and two-way data synchronization. So, you can either sync data from Odoo to HubSpot, from HubSpot to Odoo, or back and forth.

screens with Odoo, Shopify and other applications
screens with Odoo, Shopify and other applications

A/B testing

Run A/B testing on two versions of any published page and get automated reports that drive better results. Improve conversion rates while spending less time.



Port Cities is an Odoo implementation partner ready to assist you with the configuration of your HubSpot integration solution. This contact form helps us understand your needs.


Based on the provided information, our consultants analyze your requirements and organize a demo to show you how HubSpot works with Odoo for companies like yours.


After the demo we will implement the Odoo HubSpot integration so you can handle your CRM seamlessly.

Frequently asked questions about Odoo - HubSpot integration

Yes, the Odoo-HubSpot integration works perfectly with Odoo Enterprise (Odoo.sh and on-premise) and Odoo Community. However, users on Odoo Online cannot use it because it does not allow third-party integration.

Customization is possible with Odoo HubSpot integration. You can make a special customization request by filling the contact form on this page.

No, there is no need to install any additional modules.

Yes, you can export and import data from Odoo to HubSpot and vice versa. If you already have data on both platforms, you can create a synchronization between them through this integration.

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