​10,000 connected live POS, 5,000,000 SKU, and 100 billion transactions per fiscal year.

​The DACO Retail solution is helping modern retailers like you solve POS-related issues. Unresponsive POS openings and closings, unfixable stock bloating and accounting tables causing performance issues, or limited POS sessions.

The DACO Retail solution developed by Portcities solves these and more.

What is DACO Retail?

DACO Retail is a refracted base Odoo POS solution designed to support significantly higher transaction volumes. It can accommodate up to 10,000 connected live POS, 5,000,000 SKU, and up to 100 billion transactions per fiscal year without glitches.

If you have struggled with keeping customers happy at the Point of Sale, DACO Retail allows you to deliver a seamless in-store customer experience and make your employees' lives easier.

See How DACO Retail Works for Retailers

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Why You Should Use DACO Retail

point of sale

Fast session opening 

and closing

Your cashiers no longer have to keep customers waiting because the POS system won’t work when it reaches a limit.


Lightweight POS 

data transfer

DACO Retail allows the sessions to continue without data loss or compromise, even when the network is poor or down.



infrastructure cost

DACO Retail increases your store’s capacity but creates no impact on the cost because there is no impact on the Odoo database size.

How Does DACO Retail Work?

With DACO Retail, all POS-related data, including stock, valuation, sales, and liquidity, are pre-aggregated and checksummed, so no negative impact is felt on Odoo database size.

The solution has a separate system with additional Metabase Dashboarding features allowing complete and real-time POS activity analysis. The DACO Retail solution also has both an API and database connector to allow third-party systems integrations from other systems.

POS Cloud infrastructure
security toggles

Pre-aggregated and checksummed POS-related data

Data is separately compiled and summarized with no impact on the Odoo database.


API and database connector

Makes third-party system integrations possible.

graph in a pc window

Additional Metabase dashboarding feature

Allows for complete and real-time POS activity analysis

percentage decrease

Separate server reducing Odoo infrastructure usage

DACO Retail reduces Odoo infrastructure resource usage by up to 50%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. The duration it will take to move DACO Retail is dependent on a few factors including the Odoo version you are using.

Yes, it does. The DACO Retail has both an API and database connector to connect with Odoo apps and allow other third-party systems integrations.

Yes. It is built to accommodate up to 10,000 connected live POS sessions in multiple locations, 5,000,000 SKU, and 100 billion transactions per fiscal year.

All POS data are pre-aggregated. That means there is no need to cope with POS-related or data-bloating-related performance issues. So, your Odoo server and infrastructure costs ultimately decrease.

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