Roadmap to  Post Covid-19 Business Recovery: Digital Transformation 2022

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The Digital Transformation Report for Vietnamese Businesses is a top-level report that talks about using an ERP system and integrating digitization to deliver excellent customer experiences and operational agility post-pandemic for companies operating in Vietnam.

The fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam has created long-term challenges and drawbacks for many Vietnamese and foreign-invested businesses. In this report, you will find out:

  • What are the biggest obstacles faced by businesses in Vietnam during and after the Fourth Wave of Covid-19? 

  • What are the roadmap and tools to help them recover and regain control over their operations in 2022? 

Discover the best post-pandemic recovery strategy for businesses in Vietnam in this report compiled by Port Cities. 


What you will find in the report:

Challenges for Vietnamese business post-pandemic 2022.
The benefits of having the right tools to support your business in the new normal.
Roadmap to business recovery post pandemic: digital transformation with Odoo ERP.