Odoo Accounting Solution for Vietnam

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Streamline your accounting processes with the localized Odoo solution for the Vietnamese market. The module is fully compatible with VAS, and replaces separate accounting software. So instead of integrating a third-party accounting application into your ERP, you can now use a localized accounting solution and get even more benefits.


Manage your company & accounting with only one IT system. The localized Odoo Accounting solution for Vietnam turns Odoo native features into an ideal solution for increasing the efficiency of your Vietnamese business.


Our Odoo Accounting module contains predefined required templates for reporting in Vietnam. It also complies with the Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS), namely Circular 200.


Issue electronic invoices directly from Odoo thanks to our ready-made integration with Mobifone & Viettel, and meet the 2022 deadline for e-invoice requirement in Vietnam.

Odoo Accounting Localization

Submit accounting reports in the legally required format, customized according to your preferences. Odoo automatically generates accounting reports based on data entries in the database. The documents are ready in no time, just waiting for a signature & stamp. You can also easily manage your fixed assets with automated depreciation or manually from the supplier bills thanks to automatic journal entries for each type of accounting transaction, invoices, expenses, or inventory moves.

Benefits of

Odoo Accounting Localization

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The accounting module can be fully integrated with the rest of your ERP system. Odoo automatically fills in reports with data from your database.


Odoo accounting module is a part of a customized solution that complies with the overall company’s flow.

 Shortcomings of

accounting systems MISA and FAST

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The accounting systems aren’t synchronized with your ERP system. Transactional data must be entered manually into both main and accounting systems.


MISA & FAST accounting systems are sold as individual packages that aren’t customizable to the company's needs.

Balance sheet report in Odoo accounting app


  • Profit & loss / Báo cáo kết quả kinh doanh
  • Balance sheet / Bảng cân đối kế toán
  • Indirect cashflow  / Báo cáo lưu chuyển tiền tệ gián tiếp
  • Direct cashflow / Báo cáo lưu chuyển tiền tệ trực tiếp
  • Purchase VAT report / Bảng kê VAT đầu vào
  • Sales VAT report / Bảng kê VAT bán ra
  • VAT allocation report / Báo cáo phân bổ VAT
  • VAT declaration report / Báo cáo khai thuế VAT

Did you know?

In 2022, Vietnam issued Decree 15/2022/ND-CP (Decree 15), implementing a value-added tax (VAT) reduction for certain goods and services from 10% to 8%. 

You can create reports with this VAT change with Odoo in just a few clicks!

Odoo e-invoice Integration

The benefits of e-invoices and why you should integrate e-invoices.

Benefits of E-invoices


E-invoices are delivered to the recipients just in a few minutes which will make the whole process of invoicing and payment faster and easier.


Your electronic invoices are completely safe through encryption of all data inside the invoice.


Reduce your operational costs and with automated processes, you can save hours of work.

Shortcomings of Red invoices


Red invoices need to be filled manually which can take a large amount of time and slow your processes down


In case your red invoice is lost or damaged, you can be fined and your data are in danger.


With red invoices, your operational costs are higher, so is the time your employees invest in filling them out.

Issue e-invoices directly in Odoo, thanks to our integration with local electronic invoice providers Mobifone & Viettel. All that is required is to fill in the invoice details in Odoo and click the 'Generate' button. The system then sends the required data to the invoicing system of your choice (M-invoice or SInvoice), which generates the e-invoice and forwards it to Odoo. Your electronic invoice is issued immediately without you leaving the ERP system.

 s-invoice logom-invoice logo

From July 1 2022, it is mandatory for all businesses in Vietnam, to implement e-invoices. Read more in this article!

E-invoice in Odoo accounting app

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