International Women's Day Panel Celebration at Portcities

Uncover how the speakers share their experiences in the tech industry, offering insights and strategies for empowering women.

To celebrate International Women's Day, Portcities held a webinar titled “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Empowering Women in Tech”.

The event was a panel discussion with Mylene Gable as Portcities Leader of America Region, Monieq Puspitasari as Portcities Sales Manager South East Asia, Monisha Voona as Contentsquare Dir. of Solutions Consulting APAC & Japan, and Yasmine Khater as Sales Story Method Brain Based Researcher. These accomplished women shared their personal experiences and insights on navigating the tech industry as women.

They highlighted the importance of acknowledging supporters and obstacles in their careers, emphasized the need for diversity beyond gender, and addressed hiring and team dynamics biases.

International Women's Day at Portcities

Additionally, they discussed successful diversity initiatives such as mentorship programs and transparent hiring practices. Monisha Voonna emphasized proactive communication, while Yasmine Khater stressed the value of seeking feedback and self-reflection for career advancement. 

The discussion provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by women in tech and the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Read more about the key points they covered in the discussion here.

Overcoming Challenges and Pivotal Moments

Mylene, Monisha, Yasmine, and Monieq shared their experiences navigating obstacles in the tech industry as women, including being underestimated, confronting gender bias, and encountering discrimination. 

They also highlighted pivotal moments that have influenced their career trajectories, such as being denied promotions based on marital assumptions and receiving encouragement from mentors to pursue leadership positions.

By realizing these challenges, women can be more prepared and proactive in dealing with them. This includes speaking up and taking action when facing discrimination or injustice so that they can fight for justice and equality in career opportunities.

Monieq highlighted the influence of Raden Ajeng Kartini on women's rights in Indonesia. She approaches to promote gender diversity in a predominantly male-dominated environment. 

This involved effective communication strategies such as regular team meetings and briefings emphasizing equal rights and opportunities for women.

Hiring Process and Inclusivity Initiatives 

Mylene Gable outlined Portcities hiring procedure for this section, emphasizing skill-focused assessment over personal traits. 

Our process includes resume screening, outcome-based interviewing, case study presentation, and product knowledge review, with a salary based on a specific skills-matrix to ensure an equitable compensation. Moreover, she is planning to add inclusive initiatives such as sports events and forming a football team for all employees' involvement.

It is important to be aware of gender bias and discrimination that may be faced in a career in the technology industry. Women can do this by identifying mentors or individuals who can provide support in their future careers. 

Mentoring can help women navigate obstacles, provide practical advice, and increase confidence in developing their careers.

Webinar International Women's Day 2024

Insights on Leadership and Personal Development 

Yasmine Khater shared insights on leadership, stressing the significance of personal vision, self-awareness, and seeking input from others. She illustrated this with the story of a CEO who started with data entry and emphasizes the need to constantly question and address one's gaps and mistakes to progress in one's career.

From Yasmine's experience, IWD at Porticities participants were advised to continuously self-evaluate and identify areas where women need to improve or overcome their weaknesses. 

This involved a willingness to admit and learn from mistakes openly and constantly looked for opportunities to develop and grow in their careers.

Developing an inner vision is also important especially involving long-term goals and desired career direction. 

The discussion session ended with two questions, one about overcoming potential bias in recruitment and receiving feedback to recognize and overcome bias. 

Overcoming bias in recruitment can be done in various ways, such as using a transparent recruitment system based on criteria and competencies for both women and men.

Empowering Women in Tech: A Vision for the Future

Through insightful discussions and shared experiences, participants can learn valuable perspectives on navigating gender bias, overcoming obstacles, and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

The event underscored the importance of fostering a supportive environment where women can thrive and contribute to advancing the tech industry. Moving forward, the insights and initiatives discussed during the webinar serve as catalysts for continued efforts to empower women in tech and create a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

Ready to make an impact in tech and empower women? Join us at Portcities and be part of a community driving change. Explore career opportunities today!

14 March, 2024
International Women's Day Panel Celebration at Portcities
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