Junior Business Analyst Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Description

  • Analyze customer's needs and business processes to design business solutions with detailed requirements.
  • Accompany customers in the full delivery cycle from software configuration to Go-live.
  • Get along with the engineering team, and formalize the technical specifications of the system.
  • Close support with Software Engineers to develop the system and do functional QC for development made by Software Engineers.
  • Deliver functional training.
  • Support/assist customers to make sure customers are happy with the new system/software.
  • Support the sales team during sales/pre-sales.
  • Conduct internal testing on configuration/development before releasing them for UAT by business users.
  • Controls solution by establishing specifications; and coordinating production with programmers.
  • Produce Functional Specification & UAT plan, prepare case tests, and assist in user training and deployment preparation for the end users.
  • Define application problems conferring with clients; evaluation procedures, and processes. Provide necessary troubleshooting and production support when a breakdown occurs, and immediately remedy the system when flaws are encountered.
  • Ensure operation by training client personnel.
  • Interact with software engineers to understand Odoo limitations.
  • Help Software Engineers during system development, e.g. provide use cases, flowcharts, and UML diagrams.
  • Document requirements or contribute to user manuals.


  • Bachelor's degree in Information Systems / Computer Science / Business / Accounting / Management. A master's degree in business management is an advantage.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and writing skills in English.
  • Able to comprehend a detailed requirement list.
  • Able to create a basic Use-Case Scenario from the Detailed Requirement List for a single functional process/department.
  • Able to comprehend a Gap Analysis Report.
  • Able to create a simple Functional Requirement Document (FRD) for a single functional process/department.
  • Able to execute a functional test based on available test script, and follow up the result to corresponding parties.
  • Able to manipulate raw data, prepare the data with the importable format, and execute data import into the system.
  • Able to create a guidebook and training material according to the final use-case scenarios.
  • Able to reproduce issues in the live system and document it to be reported.
  • Able to discuss directly and smoothly with PM and project team.
  • Able to prepare presentation slides in English.
  • Able to create a good Minutes of Meeting in English.
  • This role entails a hybrid working arrangement, with four days spent working from the office and one day dedicated to remote work. 
  • The ideal candidate may reside in Jakarta, Bekasi (West Java), or Semarang (Central Java), Indonesia.

Our recruitment steps

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