Odoo 17: The Greatest Version for The Service Industry

Powerful tips on how the Odoo 17 version can elevate your service industry

Your family restaurant is your passion, and you know how to serve food awesomely. For a long time, your family depended on word of mouth to bag some loyal customers. To accommodate your growing market, you need to expand. You are up for the challenge until the tasks and responsibilities become too much.

It's overwhelming to do everything from website design and marketing to streamlining new technologies that help you work faster in your day-to-day operations. Plus, you have to sort out service issues, like making sure that the communication between the front and the back of your business is smooth.

The service industry is a huge field. Many other scenarios across the service industry resonate with the story. It all comes down to simplifying front- and back-end operations in business. You want customers to know you offer fast service without ignoring their personal preferences.

What if I told you there's an ERP game plan, such as Odoo’s, that elevates your service business without stressing your staff? What can we expect from Odoo for service industry?

In the previous article, we shared our own journey in implementing Odoo ERP for our tech and consulting businesses. This time, we will give you some ideas on how the new Odoo 17 features will benefit your business in the service industry.

A more ready-made Odoo website app

When he unveiled Odoo 17 for the first time, the founder & CEO of Odoo, Fabien Pinckaers said, “Most entrepreneurs are not designers. But when you want to launch a marketing campaign, launch a landing page, or whatever you need, it’s important to be able to do it easily.”

Creating a website from scratch can be a daunting task. But the Odoo Website module makes it easy for you to design your own website using pre-designed templates. This ensures format consistency throughout your website. Additionally, you can choose a color theme that matches your existing branding, which increases your brand recognition and awareness. Odoo Website

Here are some things that are also integrated with the Website Module

  • ChatGPT:  You can use the ChatGPT integration to generate ideas to make a crisp copy for a section of your webpage. The ChatGPT feature also allows you to craft clear titles and descriptions that align with your website design.
  • WhatsApp:  Adding the WhatsApp integration feature to your website lets you communicate with clients efficiently. Through the Odoo Discuss module, you can create a quotation while chatting or calling potential opportunities. Land a sale and be the frontline runner in your industry by providing an immediate quote.
  • Simplified Lead Generation: Under integration with Odoo Live Chat, you can generate new leads while having a live chat with website visitors by simply using the “/” command. The new leads will be automatically created in your CRM app. This integration makes it easy to speed up the sales process and nurture customer relationships with more personalized services and offers.

A new self-service kiosk mode in Odoo 17

Have your customers ever complained about long wait times and errors in their orders? Say hello to kiosk mode in the new Odoo 17 version!

In kiosk mode, Odoo acts like a self-service ordering system. Customers can use a touchscreen to place their orders. The self-service approach also empowers customers and provides a seamless and personalized experience. Let us show you how.

  • Easy menu navigation :Odoo 17 allows customers to easily navigate through the menu, select items, and customize orders. It displays the business’s menu with attractive visuals, descriptions, and pricing in a super user-friendly interface. 
  • Menu customization: Customers can easily customize their orders by choosing additions to their opted items or adding special requests on the kiosk. By taking care to get each customer's order right, we make them feel special.
  • Upsell opportunity: The kiosk mode can display special deals, combos, or recommended items to get customers to buy more items. In other words, kiosk mode can help sellers upsell or encourage customers to try new commodities to increase sales. 
  • Payment choices: Pay with credit/debit cards, or mobile payments - Odoo 17 supports them all. Give your customers the flexibility to choose how they want to pay. By offering a variety of payment methods, you can not only enhance customer satisfaction but also boost your revenue.

These new Odoo 17 features are perfect for different service businesses, like healthcare, logistics, transportation, hospitality, government, banking, and finance sectors.

Streamlined kitchen display with Odoo POS

odoo 17 - Kitchen display

Remember the day when orders were put on a ticket order wheel and the kitchen staff needed to keep rotating it to get the orders going? The old days were good, but not efficient.

This year, what is significant about Odoo for service businesses, such as F&B is that customers can order goods from the kiosk and get a ticket. Then, they wait for their items to be prepared and packed. Let’s look at how this can be implemented in the fast-food industry.

The moment a paper ticket is generated for the customers, the kitchen staff will get an order that looks like a checklist. They will also see the approximate customer wait time on the top right of each ticket.

Once the food is done, the chefs can simply tick off the ready items - similar to a manual to-do list. Then, the people at the front of the house would know that the food was ready to be served. The information will also be displayed in the waitlist interface. This way, customers can ask about their orders if the cashier hasn't called them to pick up their purchases.

The integration between the kiosk mode and a kitchen display in Odoo POS can make communication between the front and back of the house better. When a restaurant is busy, servers may have trouble telling the kitchen staff what the customers want. 

But with kiosk mode, the kitchen staff can focus on essential tasks. They can prepare and deliver orders without being distracted by other features or a confused waitstaff. 

The kitchen display also reduces the time for food preparation, so even take-away orders can be delivered on time. Find out how to sell more and deliver faster through your online app - empowered by Odoo.

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Odoo for service business powerhouse: The must-have Inventory Module


In practice, starting up with the Inventory module can help you track the quantity on hand and set minimum and maximum stock levels. It can even generate alerts for stock replenishment for your cleaning supplies.

  • Create and manage products: The inventory module helps to define the services offered, set their prices, and manage any associated costs or materials required. For instance, if you own a cleaning business, you can charge different prices for cleaning an office building, a one-story home, or delicate baby products.
  • Keep tabs on resource allocation: Plan and allocate resources more efficiently. You can manage the availability of staff, equipment, and other resources needed for service delivery - all from one module.
  • Express invoice generation: When printing an invoice, you have an array of templates to choose from to make your invoice look clean. You can even customize the font and color. Display professionalism by adding your company tagline and a customized accent to decorate your invoice.
  • Barcode integration: The barcode system plays a crucial role in Odoo 17's Inventory module for the service industry. Once you activate the barcode scanning feature, you can easily count your inventory by scanning each item.

Self-ordering at the table with QR code


With the help of Odoo 17, waitstaff can easily manage floor plans if a customer wants to switch tables. For instance, if they prefer a spot by the marina instead of a closed wall. This version also allows customers to split the bill for a date gone wrong thanks to its POS cash register integration. 

Your customers can also order food from the comfort of their tables with a QR code.

  • Contactless menu and payment: If you put the QR on each dining table, patrons can access digital menus by scanning the code with their smartphones. It allows them to view the menu, select items, and submit orders. Then, patrons can pay using the same QR link.
  • Marketing and Engagement: To enhance customer engagement beyond the meal service, restaurants can also include advertising deals, membership programs, and feedback surveys in their QR link.
  • Data Collection: For marketing and communication, eateries can gather customer information, such as email addresses, through a QR code, facilitating quicker and more effective audience growth.

Combo order feature for online purchases

Combo order

The "buy-a-package" feature available in kiosk mode can also be used for online purchases.

Lesson providers can provide a faster checkout experience by combining different lesson plans for online classes. 

Create your "lesson combos" featuring, say, different guitar lessons your company has to offer. Then, track the combo's popularity to get creative when making your next package deal and offer the best price. 

Picture it this way. A customer who initially came in looking for a classical guitar lesson may end up taking the jazz and rock lessons too. All thanks to the god-tier bundle's last-minute idea. 

It's worth noting that this feature used to be available only in Odoo 16's Enterprise version. However, Odoo 17 Community Edition users can now enjoy the benefits of an integrated barcode system in their ERP solution.

Learn about the differences between Enterprise and Community editions.

Multi-sales channels benefits from Odoo 17

Multichannel sales

In Odoo, you have the flexibility to create multiple sales channels that represent various platforms or channels through which you offer your services. You can create channels for your website, social media, or any other online marketplaces where you promote your services. 

Once you have created these sales channels, you need to configure them according to your requirements. You must set up your pricing rules, payment, and shipping methods for each channel. You can also create service products that represent the services you offer. 

For instance, if you offer a service to create animated videos, you can define the name, description, price, and other relevant details for each service product. You can also specify the services that the clients will receive for each package. 

Odoo is great for multi-channel marketing because it integrates well with external systems. It supports various payment gateways, such as PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard, making it easy for your clients to pay. 

Odoo is great for multi-channel marketing because it integrates well with external systems. It supports various payment gateways, such as PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard, making it easy for your clients to pay. 

Odoo is great for multi-channel marketing because it integrates well with external systems. It supports various payment gateways, such as PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard, making it easy for your clients to pay. 

If you need to ship a CD of a video to a classic enthusiast, Odoo 17 is also integrated with multiple shipping providers. By using Odoo with these systems, you can make your multi-channel sales operations more efficient and improve communication between platforms.

New Product Catalog in Odoo Sales app

Odoo Sales 17 - Product Catalog

The new product catalog in the Odoo Sales app helps service businesses organize and present their services in a structured way. They can make a detailed list of the services they provide, including descriptions and prices. This helps in presenting a professional image to clients and potential customers.

Service businesses can easily customize their offerings in the product catalog to fit client needs. They can make different service packages or options in the catalog. This helps customize services for specific client needs. 

With the product catalog, service businesses can set standardized pricing for their services. Standardized pricing guarantees consistency and eliminates the need for manual calculations or client negotiations. In addition, the catalog can create precise quotes for chosen services, saving time and avoiding mistakes made by humans.

You can showcase additional services or add-ons that customers may not be aware of in your catalog. By presenting these options, service businesses can effectively upsell and increase their revenue. It also enables sales teams to easily cross-sell related services.

Another great thing with the catalog feature is that you can show customers a tailor-made quotation featuring all the items they might be interested in. Watch the video below on how to create a printable PDF catalog in seconds:

PDF catalog

The sales module's product catalog is a great tool for managing orders, tracking service delivery, and generating invoices easily. It improves efficiency by managing customer requests and monitoring service status in one system. Save time in creating a quote by selecting the requested items directly from your inventory.

Game-changing Odoo 17 for service industries

​Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and seamless integration make it the perfect solution for service businesses looking to streamline their operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Odoo 17 also improves its features to increase the user experience and efficiency, while giving it a modern flair.

With Odoo 17, service businesses can easily manage their product catalog, customize service offerings, track project progress, generate accurate invoices, and nurture customer relationships. 

Whether you're in consulting, IT services, marketing, or any other service industry, Odoo 17 empowers you to take your business to new heights. 

Embrace the power of Odoo 17 and unlock the full potential of your service business today.

8 December, 2023
Odoo 17: The Greatest Version for The Service Industry
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