Vietnam to Be the Next Stop for Odoo Roadshow 2022!

Once again, Port Cities is the trusted partner at Odoo Roadshow in Ho Chi Minh City this July.

With the comeback of physical business and networking around the world in 2022, Port Cities has been the trusted Odoo partner accompanying Odoo Roadshows since the beginning of the year. After four successful roadshows in Indonesia, France, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, we are bringing Odoo closer to businesses in Vietnam.

This July, Odoo Roadshow will make a stop in Ho Chi Minh City and we can't wait to meet you there.

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    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    July 28, 2022
    Time: 2 PM - 6 PM
    Location: Lotte Saigon Hotel

    Odoo Roadshows

    Odoo is a unique player in the global ERP market, and is gaining more attention in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. Odoo Roadshow is an annual event hosted by Odoo and local Odoo partners, where business owners and decision makers come together to discuss business management trends and developments in ERP technology.

    Why is Odoo a good choice for businesses in Vietnam? Let’s shortly discuss the current developments and trends in the Vietnamese ERP market.

    The ERP market in Vietnam

    Excel was once the go-to tool for businesses to collect, organize, and sort data and it is still the preferred tool among businesses in Vietnam. However, it requires manual setup of formulations and data entry, which are prone to mistakes. Businesses waste time on manual data entry, multiple spreadsheets, data duplication, data errors, along with other issues. 

    In recent years, an increasing number of international companies have arrived and expanded their presence in Vietnam, followed by the adoption of ERP systems in the region. Vietnamese businesses have started looking for integrated ERP systems to streamline their business operations and processes sufficiently. Notably, the COVID-19 impact has pushed businesses to “go digital” with ERP and utilize technology to overcome communication issues, erase manual processes and facilitate collaboration between departments while working remotely. 

    ERP is no longer a "luxury” that only large corporations can afford; instead, it is gaining popularity among Vietnamese SMEs, which account for 98% of total businesses in Vietnam. The Vietnamese ERP market offers a wide range of ERP software options, from domestic to international systems.

    Odoo is a well-known name in the market due to its all-in-one solution offering, the capability of integration with many 3rd-party apps, customization, affordability and user-friendliness.

    What benefits will you gain from the Odoo Roadshow?

    • Stay ahead of business management trends and technologies.

    • See a live demo of how Odoo 15 aids your business growth.

    • Connect with business experts and IT professionals to share ideas and strategies.

    • Learn how Port Cities Vietnam can design and build the right Odoo solution for your business.

    How can Port Cities assist you?

    Port Cities is not only one of the best Odoo Partners in APAC, but we consider ourselves business consultants who will try to understand your business process before proposing the best solution. Our team is physically present in over 13 countries, allowing us to provide Odoo ERP solutions to clients worldwide. AEON, USMH, Central Retail Vietnam, and others are among our trusted clients.

    Our local experts are fully ready to provide localized ERP solutions that meet the  requirements of your business and Vietnam’s report requirements in tax, accounting and payroll.

    Our mission is to:

    • Assist businesses in identifying their business problems & streamlining processes.

    • Propose the most suitable IT solutions to your business needs.

    • Assist businesses in implementing Odoo solutions the right way.

    • Provide post-go-live IT support and maintenance services.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Odoo ERP and how we can help your business implement Odoo solutions the right way.


    6 July, 2022
    Vietnam to Be the Next Stop for Odoo Roadshow 2022!
    Nguyen Huynh Giao
    Marketing Specialist
    Giao Nguyen is a Marketing Specialist at Port Cities, who is eager to learn about all aspects of business management. She has experience with website development, SEO, email marketing, and expertise in Odoo functions for HR, CRM and Marketing modules.
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